Meet Kandice

Kandice Mitchell owns, shows and breeds Standard Poodles in AKC; with some of her dogs being champions and one Grand Champion. Her passion in handling and grooming such a regal breed has spilled over into sprucing up dogs and cats of all breeds and ages.

J’adore Pet Grooming, LLC. is proudly located in Eastvale, California with customers even coming in from surrounding areas like Rancho Cucamonga, Corona, Norco, Mira Loma. Kandice holds over 15 years of professional show dog and cat grooming under her belt.

Kandice  has worked in all facets of the grooming world. From dog grooming, to cat grooming — whether it was for ringside competition, a commercial institute, or simply just for kicks — there is nothing more Kandice likes to do than spruce up your pet.

Her unique home business service allows for dogs to feel more comfortable in a traditional home setting. Commercial grooming operations are loud and unusually bright with multiple loud dryers going off at once, however, Kandice works alone and by appointment giving dogs a unique grooming experience inside of her home.